iheartart is all about using the creative arts as a platform to bring a community together


About us

Once upon a time, a story began in 2012…in a little country town called Narromine in Central West NSW, where a completely passionate lot with big heARTs created iheartart.


To raise money for the kids at the local little catholic school; St Augustine’s

Why else?

This iheartart thing is all about using the creative arts as a platform to bring the rural community together. It’s about inviting the wider regions to visit our great little rural town, that typically bustles because of the agricultural industry, but on the iheartart weekend it's all about getting our art on!

We are about bringing the young and the old together. We are about creating a wonderful event for all to enjoy, even when dust storms blow during the droughts and paddocks become lakes during the floods. We are about bringing the opportunity for world class artworks to be mounted proudly on the walls of homes in the bush.

We are about inspiring our kids, the leaders of tomorrow, that with a dream, a little creativity and hard work, you can achieve anything you desire.

What do we do?

We bring beautiful art works that anyone can purchase and we put on the best party of the year!

All fundraising goes towards our kids; learning and growing up happily in rural Australia .

What will the 2018 funds raised go towards?

Your investment in the iheartart fundraiser will contribute towards the contemporary education and state of the art facilities at St Augustine's school, and so enhancing the connection between teaching and learning. Contemporary learning spaces that are dynamic and interactive, both inside and outside the classroom, are on the fundraising agenda.

Enhancing the learning environment at St Augustine's will provide opportunities for our children to be equipped with the skills they will need to be successful and productive members of a 21st century workforce and society. Your investment towards contemporary education at St Augustine's will promote a growth mindset and stimulate critical thinking, collaboration and creativity in our young people.